Thursday, September 2, 2010

5 weeks vs 9 months - first entry

I'm 5 weeks pregnant
Many may not aware that I suffer from hypertension, thus I'm on medication. Not 1, but 3 types. The specialist(s) that I'm seeing every 3 months couldn't figure out the causes of my hypertension. After like 5 yrs of appointments, they finally concluded that I'm one of those ppl who are suffering from White Coat Hypertension. For more info, check out this website. http://
So, I've decided to use this blog as one fo ways for me to share my thoughts, feelings thru out my pregnancy. I wanna let others know that this is not something that I asked nor cherish. I also wanna let other pregnant mommies not to be scared of being diagnosed of hypertension during pregnancy, because I've been thru this stage 3 yrs ago, and will go thru the same thing for the next 8 months. Why 8 months? Because doctors wil not let you carry the baby full term, its too risky.
As for now, my blood pressure reading, yesterday was satisfying = 120/80. I think its something got to do with the wonders of Ramadhan. I really feel at ease. Alhamdullilah
I shall pen down whatever thing that will happen during my antenatal app. I think I would like to call this project as "5 WEEKS vs 9 MONTHS"

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